The FSV Analytics Platform

Purpose-built for the quantitative needs of any financial institution, the FSV Analytics platform is pioneering new approaches to analyzing high-dimensional data, using hyper-scale application architecture and artificial intelligence.

The FSV Analytics platform is a purpose-built AI informed quantitative analytics trading platform for institutional investing. Combining the power of AI with enterprise-grade cloud architecture, we optimize trading strategies in real time to respond to the market at market speed, amplifying returns while minimizing risk. In simulated trades, our platform has consistently delivered at least a [20%] improvement in trade performance vs. traditional strategies. In quantitative finance terms, our technology yields up to a [50%] improvement in risk-adjusted metrics, including profit factor and profit-to-max-drawdown. Until now solutions of this caliber have only been available to the largest institutions who have developed proprietary software. The existing piecemeal desktop solutions offer hazardous ad-hoc analytic processes and are not cloud-native, making then unfit for institutional use.

The FSV platform is the first cloud-native effort of its kind and is designed to work across all asset classes. Integration is simple to achieve via our APIs, and we work alongside existing trading technologies, amplifying the performance of any trader in any market environment. Our process is highly automated, yet transparent - from building the strategy with back-testing and historical trade analysis and optimization, to correlating the strategy to live market conditions and actual trade execution.

We can host our software nearly anywhere. We have specifically qualified Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, and the Google Cloud Platform for public cloud deployments. Moreover, we can host our software in private cloud environments and in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.