HOW IT WORKS: FSV ANALYTICS exposes risk and increases risk-adjusted returns

Consider the July 12, 2018, New York Times article, “Hedge Funds Should Be Thriving Right Now. They Aren’t.”  It raises the question, “How could hedge funds under-perform even in a lackluster year like 2018?”

In fact, hedge funds on average returned only 0.81% for the first six months of 2018, during which the S&P 500 gained 1.67%. That’s right: hedge funds under-performed the market by less than half! In fact, many “quant-driven” funds did far worse than the 0.81% average, and some hedge funds “eked out gains of just 0.25%.”

At FSV Analytics, we understand the most significant contributing factors. Unlike the prevailing methods in use across the Financial Tech industry, FSV software emphasizes careful profiling, modeling, and monitoring of the investment climate. We know that anticipating a regime change in the market is a critical factor in making wise, immediate investment decisions. Consider the chart below:


Note that just as FSV’s software was able to detect (and generate an alert regarding) a major environmental change in the market that started in December, 2017. FSV’s tools can monitor countless significant factors to guide optimized trading. Welcome to the future of investing.