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About Us

FSV Analytics operates at the intersection of quantitative analysis and cloud-scale operations. Our goal is to unlock new financial opportunities and market insights, made possible by advancements in public cloud infrastructure and artificial intelligence (AI). We achieve this through a combination of core subject matter expertise, and the selection of the best in cloud platforms and technologies.

What makes us unique and different is that FSV Analytics focuses on the scientific process used to generate high-value and decisive information. Attractive looking charts and graphs are great for visualizing data, but charts alone do not breed success. Operationalizing the decision process using (AI-informed) advanced sciences is the domain of FSV Analytics.

Data-driven, machine-learning tools for a new age of investing.


The System

Purpose-built for the quantitative needs of any financial institution, the FSV Analytics platform is pioneering new approaches to analyzing high-dimensional data, using hyper-scale application architecture and artificial intelligence.

Instances of our core compute engines are powered by geographically replicated clusters of high-performance servers. Thousands of dynamic and elastically scalable microservices are used to efficiently and rapidly implement the rigorous processes that we develop for our needs.

We use the best industry open source frameworks and programming languages and all of the code we write can run on any operating system (Windows, Unix/Linux)

We can host our software nearly anywhere. We have specifically qualified Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, and the Google Cloud Platform for public cloud deployments. Moreover, we can host our software in private cloud environments and in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

FSV Analytics - The Science of Return on Investment